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Mango rice

With Korean SEA SALAD

Sticky jasmine rice, fruity mango strips and an umami punch thanks to our Korean SEA SALAD – it's a match made in heaven!

Sweet potato mash

with Graved-Style SEA SALAD

Nothing goes better with our Graved-Style SEA SALAD than piping-hot sweet potato mash paired with creamy yoghurt!


with Di Mare SEA SALAD

Got wanderlust? Our new take on the classic pizza brings Italy to you – with fruity tomatoes, light cream cheese and Di Mare SEA SALAD.


with Midsommar SEA SALAD

Our tacos are sooo satisfyingly crunchy with crisp, fruity apple, creamy beans and our Midsommar SEA SALAD.

Baked sweet potato

with Graved-Style SEA SALAD

Less is more: Our Graved-Style SEA SALAD tastes divine in combination with sweet potato and creamy yoghurt.

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