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graved style
Classic Nordic cuisine reinvented - you've never had seaweed like this before. Our sweet and fruity mustard-dill sauce perfectly underscores the Nordic heritage of our seaweed. It’s not only a real winner among those who like classical seafood flavors, but also among the judges. In June 2020, PETA Germany awarded our Graved-Style Sea Salad with the prestigious VEGAN FOOD AWARD for best seafood alternative.
Ingredients: seaweed* 30%, apple juice* from apple juice concentrate*, white cabbage*, MUSTARD*, 8.5% (water, MUSTARD seeds*, distilled vinegar*, sea salt, spices*, herbs*), MUSTARD seeds 2%, sunflower oil*, carrot*, water, dill* 2%, salt, corn starch*, turmeric*, coriander*.

*from controlled organic cultivation
May contain traces of CRUSTACEANS.
If serene summer nights, earthy beetroot and spicy horseradish sound like an exciting combination to you, you are a true northern light at heart. Our seaweed shines bright in this sweet-spicy mix and offers both protein and fiber in one crunchy bite.
Ingredients: seaweed* 30%, beetroot juice* from beetroot juice concentrate* 22%, beetroot* 10%, CELERY*, horseradish* 9.6% (horseradish*, water, distilled vinegar*, sunflower oil*, sea salt, lemon juice*, thickener: guar gum*), sunflower oil*, apple juice concentrate*, MUSTARD* (water, MUSTARD seeds*, distilled vinegar*, sea salt, spices*, herbs*), water, salt, corn starch*.

*from controlled organic cultivation
May contain traces of CRUSTACEANS.
This seaweed salad packs a punch. Mild chilis will fire you up on your lunch break while an umami bomb satisfies your savoury cravings. If you love wakame salad, try this. We guarantee you’ll love it even more.
Ingredients: European seaweed* 30%, white cabbage*, tamari* 12.4% (water, SOY beans*, sea salt), carrot*, water, apple juice concentrate*, sunflower oil*, ginger* 3.2%, corn starch*, SESAME oil*, SESAME*, garlic*.

*from controlled organic cultivation
May contain traces of CRUSTACEANS.
di mare
Du hast Fernweh? Unser Di Mare beamt dich an die Küste Italiens: Fenchel, Knoblauch, knackige Sonnenblumenkerne und frische Meeresalgen eng an eng mit sonnengereiften, fruchtige, Tomaten, abgerundet mit einer Prise Chilis – wenn das nicht alles ist, was du brauchst, um dich nach Sommerurlaub zu fühlen.
Ingredients: tomatoes* 40%, European seaweed* 30%, fennel* 10%, sunflower oil*, sunflower seeds*, water, lemon*, garlic*, corn starch*, salt, chili*.

*from controlled organic cultivation
May contain traces of CRUSTACEANS.
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Turn the tide with every meal.

There are two types of Sea Salad fans. First, there are those who eat the salads straight out of the jar. For them, there is no better way to satisfy their hunger and travel cravings and no need for anything fancier than a spoon.

The other type believe that something so delicately delectable as our Sea Salads deserves more attention. They enjoy our Sea Salads on fresh pasta (Di Mare), to spice up a poke bowl (Koreanisch), with herby, roast potatoes (Graved) or in a light and summery salad (Midsommar). But then again, all go perfectly with a slice of warm, crusty bread.

Our flexitarian fans think they go best with fresh fish and seafood. For breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. The choice is yours.



Organic seaweed with beetroot and horseradish

Graved Style

Organic seaweed with sweet mustard and dill


Organic seaweed with ginger and umami

Di Mare

Organic seaweed with tomato and fennel

"Why do we still hardly eat any seaweed in Germany?
Because no-one has ever managed to do what OCEANFRUIT has done and make them an everyday product without taking away their pizzazz!"

Christian Rach,
Michelin-starred TV chef & mentor

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Es gibt +10.000 Arten von Meeresalgen, die es noch zu entdecken gilt.

Vor Ort

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Kristallklare Fjorden

Der Ort, wo unsere Meeresalgen das Jahr über wachsen.


with Midsommar SEA SALAD

Mango Rice

With Korean SEA SALAD


with Di Mare SEA SALAD

Baked sweet potato

with Graved-Style SEA SALAD


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