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graved style
Classic Nordic cuisine reinvented - you've never had seaweed like this before. Our sweet and fruity mustard-dill sauce perfectly underscores the Nordic heritage of our seaweed. It’s not only a real winner among those who like classical seafood flavors, but also among the judges. In June 2020, PETA Germany awarded our Graved-Style Sea Salad with the prestigious VEGAN FOOD AWARD for best seafood alternative.
If serene summer nights, earthy beetroot and spicy horseradish sound like an exciting combination to you, you are a true northern light at heart. Our seaweed shines bright in this sweet-spicy mix and offers both protein and fiber in one crunchy bite.
This seaweed salad packs a punch. Mild chilis will fire you up on your lunch break while an umami bomb satisfies your savoury cravings. If you love wakame salad, try this. We guarantee you’ll love it even more.
di mare
Got wanderlust? One spoonful of our Di Mare will transport you to the Italian coast: Fennel, garlic, crunchy sunflower seeds and our fresh seaweed complement ripe and fruity tomatoes, all rounded off with a pinch of chili. One mouthful is all you need to feel like you’re on your summer holiday once more.
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Whether for snacking on-the-go or elevating a meal, OCEANFRUIT products are the perfect vegan alternative for those who yearn to not only taste the ocean, but to protect it and give it back to its fishy inhabitants. Or as we say,
“From the ocean. For the ocean.”

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