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Our fruits do not fall from the tree, rather they grow in the crystal-clear fjords of Norway and off the Irish coast. These European seaweeds are the basis of our delicious vegan snacks: 100% organic, gluten-free and with a healthy portion of iodine.

Meeresalen Graved Style zubereitet

Baked sweet potato

with Graved-Style SEA SALAD

Less is more: Our Graved-Style SEA SALAD tastes divine in combination with sweet potato and creamy yoghurt.

Algenfarm unter Wasser
Seaweed farm in Norway
100% Bio Alge
Good Food Impact


Nahaufnahme von einer Meeresalge
Seaweed in close-up
Boot welches zum Ernten von Algen genutzt wird
Mitten beim Algen ernten

Food should taste great, look good and be healthy. We all know that. But our products also have a positive effect on our oceans, climate and global fish stocks. This is what drives us every day at OCEANFRUIT.

OCEANFRUIT Meeressalate umgeben von Meeresalgen

We develop high-quality Sea Salads and other seaweed-based foods, all of which are 100% plant-based. Our seaweeds are cultivated in the North Atlantic through sustainable practices and have a positive impact on the local ecosystem and global climate.

We won the INTERNORGA Future Award 2022!

We won the INTERNORGA Future Award 2022!

We won the INTERNORGA Future Award 2022!

We won the INTERNORGA Future Award 2022!

From the ocean. For the ocean.

Join our team!

Make waves with us and bring seaweed to dinner plates all over the world.

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