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with Midsommar SEA SALAD

Our tacos are sooo satisfyingly crunchy with crisp, fruity apple, creamy beans and our Midsommar SEA SALAD.


1 jarMidsommar SEA SALAD
2 tbspolive oil
1 clove garlic
240 gcanned white beans
1/2red onion
1/4yellow cubanelle pepper
4hardshell tacos
salt and black pepper to taste


Prep time 25 mins/Total time 45 mins


To make the white bean puree, mince the garlic and sweat in the olive oil on medium heat. Season with salt and pepper.


Drain the white beans and add them to the garlic. Cook together in the pan for 5 minutes then puree using a hand blender. Season to taste again, if required.


Dice the apple and finely slice the chives so that you have around 1 tbsp's worth. Slice the onion and pepper into thin rings.


To assemble the tacos, first spoon in the white bean puree, then put a spoonful or two of OCEANFRUIT Midsommar SEA SALAD on top. Add the apple, onion, pepper and chives and eat quickly so that the taco is satisfyingly crunchy!

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